Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MOT Day 30- Last Day

Month of Thanksgiving
Day 30- Today, I am thankful for this blog.

Writing this blog has given me...
a place to brag about my baby girl
a format to share pictures of Emma
a place to vent my frustrations
something to obsess about... the number of page views I get :)
something to be depressed about... the number of comments I get :(
somewhere to boast when I do something cool (at least I think it is cool)
somewhere to catalog our vacation pics
a place to record our life for Emma to have in the future (*note to self* order blog books!!!)

I am, also, thankful for anyone who reads this blog!
I know someone does because my page views keep going up :), but I don't know who you are because no one comments ;(! Thanks anyway!! Keep reading... maybe someday it'll get interesting enough to comment about :D

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