Sunday, November 6, 2011

MOT Day 6

Month of Thanksgiving
Day 6- Today, I am thankful for God.

I was headed home today (HOME home- Cuthand!), when I got past Bogata, my foot got a little heavy on the accelerator.

You know how it is on those familiar roads, you've driven time and time again. You know ever curve, where the bumps are... This is the same road I had a huge accident on when I was 16. I guess I've always driven too fast on that road...

Anyway, I'm driving too fast and my accident popped in my head. Then I start thinking what would happen if I had another car wreck. What would happen to Emma if I was hurt or worse. Then I hear the announcer on the radio station comment that more accidents happen during the week surrounding a time change (which happened last night). I said, "Ok, God, I hear you." and slowed down. God was my inner voice today telling me I needed to be careful.

That led me to think of my relationship with God. My faith isn't the strongest. I, too often, feel as if I'm just going through the motions instead of feeling it in my heart. I do not attend church regularly. I do not know any Bible passages. I do not pray regularly. And worse, I have not taught my daughter about God and Jesus.

I started to cry as I drove past the church I've attended all my life. I feel as if today was a nudge by God to let me know I need to strengthen our relationship. I just don't know how. How do I mend where I've broken it?    

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