Sunday, November 13, 2011


At the last minute, Clinton and I decided to go to Baton Rouge for the weekend and go to the LSU game. We headed down Thursday evening with Emma and Clinton's mom, Sherri. We spent the day, Friday, with Terri running around BR. We met up with Mike and their son, James at the best pizza place EVER, Fleur De Lis! When we got back to Mike & Terri's house, we spent the night drinking wine and LAUGHING! OMG, I don't think I've laughed so hard in a while! Saturday morning, Clinton and I got up and went tailgating. Sherri and Terri watched Em for us ALL DAY! Thank so much! We spent the entire day at the stadium, which was ALMOST too much for me. But it was a great day! AND LSU won 42-9!

View from our seats... yup, that's the 50 yd. line!

I love this band!

They did a Veteran salute during half-time, and spelled out each branch! I had to get a shot of the Marines!

The big finale!

Some of the best moments of the game were watching this guy in the stands in front of us. Clinton got some video! Watch the man in white! 

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