Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Yesterday was Halloween AND Em's birthday! BUT we didn't trick or treat or do anything fun. We were partied out and ended up at the doctor's office. Everything's ok, but we needed to get Em checked out.

However, Em did get to trick or treat Saturday night, and I should have posted pictures that night, or Sunday, or yesterday on Halloween, but I got lazy! Sorry! Anyway, here they are...

Strawberry Shortcake!!

Ready to go!

Alex the Witch

Kinsley the Flapper

Andrea the Native American

Emma, Kinsley, & Nakota

Libby & Emma

Trick or Treat!

That bag got heavy!

Bradyn came dressed as Coach English, otherwise known as his dad!

Jalyn was a Ghostbuster!

Kam (in that ugly uniform, ha!) joined in for a picture!

All the kids lined up for a costume contest!
It was a fun night! Em got a ton of candy, which we promptly hid!

So Halloween and Em's birthday are over... now on to the next adventure...

I am not longer going to be a SAHM! Starting this week, I will be a WAHM! Wish me luck!

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