Sunday, October 30, 2011

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party!

My baby turns 3 tomorrow. I've already had a good cry about it. She's growing up too fast *sigh*.

On a positive note, her party was today! After all the planning and prep, it was finally here!

The day did not start out with smiles...
In fact, we had some tears!
But a strawberry can make anything better!
Trying to show me how old she is. (We've been practicing!)
Finally! A good (strawberry-y) smile!
Running to the bounce house!
All the kids lined up! (Em has her cup, ha!)
Time for presents! 

Cake Time!
Em got a little embarrassed by everyone singing "Happy Birthday"
Daddy had to point out where she should be blowing!
For some reason, she insisted on taking balloons into the bounce house!
Kinsley & Emma taking off!
Love that happy face!

Speaking of the bounce house, at the end of the party, even the adults took a turn! Clinton took some video!

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