Thursday, October 13, 2011

Emma's Room Redesign- FINISHED!

Finally, we are finished (almost) with Emma's room! No, it's not her birthday, yet! We have a lot going on in the next few weeks, so I wanted to go ahead and get it out of the way.

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We painted last night and this morning. Here are some progress shots...


More Primer

First coat of purple

Second coat of purple

When Emma got home from MDO, we couldn't wait to surprise her!

Showing her the room, with just new paint and furniture

Soaking it in...

Wait for it!
She likes it!

We took a break to go on a little dinner date, while Aunt Linda watched Emma. Then we came home and finished it up!


Notice the desk turned vanity that we got at The Huckleberry! I'm in love with it! Em is, too!

Em kept asking if she could get in the bed "Can I be a princess now?"

I made her wait until I had taken a picture of it! Then she jumped in!

Close-up of the top of the canopy!
Do you know what those things are on the canopy?? Guess! Give up? Christmas tree garland and ornaments! Yes, I am very proud of my ingenuity! 

This is the one part of the room that isn't finished. She's getting new TV from her grandparents for her birthday, so it will go on the wall, but the dresser needs something...

If you've been following along with this redesign, you may notice that some things aren't as I originally planned it. The planters turned baskets were scrapped. I'm planning to use them in her closet for shoes! If Clinton doesn't steal them for garage storage. And I didn't hang the paper lanterns, even though I have some thanks to Regan! After getting everything in, they seemed like overkill. Also, I had planned to get a vintage mirror and put a saying in vinyl decals on it. Well, the mirror was sold when I went to buy it, so I scrapped the idea. BUT I found a similar mirror at Canton, and used it as the mirror above the desk/vanity, AND I found a metal sign with the saying on it! So I got what I wanted, just in different ways!

There are a couple of things I'm not 100% happy with... after hanging the vintage numbers (from Junk Divas) on the window, I wish I had chosen a different curtain color. I wanted to take the safety rails off her bed, so it would look better all made up. When Clinton tried to do, the bed about fell apart, so we are stuck with them! Ha! Also, the mirrored hearts on the closet door were supposed to surround the vintage mirror above the desk/vanity, but they wouldn't stick to the textured wall.

Speaking of textured walls, they may look nice, but painting them are a pain in the *you know what*!!


  1. Love it! You need to come do my girls room! Love the birdie house/bow holder