Monday, October 10, 2011

Color Scavenger Hunt!

I organized a color scavenger hunt as a play date for today.

I got the idea from HERE, but of course I found it through Pinterest! The basic idea was to let the kids paint egg cartons with different colors, then hunt for things of the same colors to fill the carton!

I didn't take any pictures of the kids painting for some reason, so here is what the cartons kind of looked like.

In attendance was me & Emma, Regan, Colt & Livi, and Misty, Ace, Haydon, & Payton!

Here they come!
Payton showed me her carton!

I kind of cheated and put out colorful things for them to find...
Livi Lou & Regan

Emma putting things in her carton!

Ace stopped to show me his!
Misty helping out Payton & Haydon. I think Livi was sneaking things out of the cartons! Ha!

She was not so sure about the spider ring.
Eating their candy!

Emma helped pick up the stuff that was left on the ground!
Em kept wanting Payton to hold her hand! 
Finally it was time to head out, and we ended the play date at McDonalds! Hopefully the kids burned up all their energy for the day!

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