Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Christmas Plans!

Tonight, in Wal-Mart (why do I feel like I live there?), Emma told an elderly lady, Merry Christmas, without me prompting her! Now, Emma is always REALLY friendly to strangers (with people she knows, she can be hit or miss.) The lady looked at me and said "Did she say Merry Christmas?" I said yes. The lady said "Well, I never! She is so sweet!" Then continued to have a long conversation with Emma. What can I say, Em is a people person!

I have been contemplating doing some fun Christmas activities with her, but tonight's encounter cemented it. We (Em and I) are going to RACK people!

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

I got the idea from Pinterest, of course! I'll be posting how it goes!

*EDIT* I, later, decided I should post some pictures of my RACK kit... they are HERE

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