Monday, October 22, 2012

I'M BACK! 31 Days- Day 22

I am ridiculously happy right now. 

For one thing, I got back yesterday from an incredible Girls' Weekend in Hot Springs, AR, and I'm still feeling giddy over it! Here are some highlights... (Sorry for the poor quality!)

That's one big monkey!
GREAT pizza and beer at Rocky's! This was my "Jealous?" text to Clinton!

Lemon drops!

She ate the WHOLE lemon!

Yup! Right up in the middle of an Arkansas bar with Hog stuff everywhere! Made my mark!

Tiffany did, too!

Tiff and Me!

Misty and Cassidy!

Last week, I'd have SWORN that my hair wouldn't do this! Cassidy worked some magic on me!

Some fantastic Latin food at Rolando's!

AND the BEST cupcakes I've ever eaten! No lie!

Happy Birthday, Misty!!

It really was a fabulous time together! Already planning one for next year!

The second reason I'm happy is that it is OFFICIAL, we are going on a Disney Cruise in January!!! I say official because it is FINALLY paid for! This is a BIG vacay for us and we've been paying on it for months! I am sooooo excited! Ssh, don't tell Emma, though. She's supposed to ask Santa for it!!


  1. Yay for girls weekends! I love the time I get to spend with my college pals! Double YAY for Disney cruise! Can't wait to read about it!

  2. What an awesome weekend it looks like you had!!! The pizza and beer look really good!!! haha

    Anndddd!!!! DISNEY CRUISE!?!? You are going to have a BLAST!!!!! I bet Emma will be ecstatic when she finds out!! What a fun trip, and she is at the perfect age for it!!!!
    I'm sooooo excited for you guys!! =)