Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Overcoming Myself- Day 4

It's the little things. The little things in life that make you feel better about yourself.

Like waking up on time.
Actually doing your hair and make-up.
Doing more to Emma's hair than just pull it into a ponytail.

Today was picture day at school!

There are actually 3 braids, but someone wouldn't be still enough to get a good picture of it!!
I got the hair tutorial here. It was actually really easy, and looked cute!

It was, also, Teddy Bear picnic day!

I got Em to school on time.
Went to work, and felt productive!
Went to a Parent Volunteer Meeting at school!!!

Today, just has been a good day, people!

After work, we all went to the driving range for some fun.

Daddy's clubs are just a little bit too long for her. He's already shopping for her own clubs, ha!

Do you see me?
Besides the good day we had, Clinton and I sat down and discussed our budget and spending today. It got heated and tears were shed. Not me, him. Just kidding. Even though, we take pride in being very fiscally competent, we still need to reassess sometimes. We both came out feeling much better about things. To reward ourselves, we went out for burgers and ice cream! Em was thrilled!

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  1. Emma's necklace and hair are rocking! I love them both so much! I have seen the necklaces on facebook and really want to get E one, but I'm pretty sure she would only want to take it off constantly!

    1. I thought Emma would be the same way, but she was the opposite! I had to make her take it off before her bath!