Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days- My Little Punkin'

Ever since we found out my due date was in Oct/Nov, I've called Emma my Punkin'! I've always loved Fall, but now its an even more special time to me!

I said before that Saturday was a busy day, well, part of the day was spent with my mom taking Em to the Downtown Pumpkin Patch!!

I love this picture, even if it was a little windy!

WHAT is that look??

So many to pick from!

The perfect one! Now on to decorating!

Notice she picked out the pink glitter... of course!

And we had more pumpkin fun today carving/decorating at home with Daddy!

Trash bag and spoon, told me "I'm ready!"

We got inspiration for this pumpkin Cinderella carriage from Pinterest and THIS PIN! Sorry, I wanted to give credit to the original blog that posted it, but the link does not work! So anyway, here's mine and Em's version!

 Just FYI- the white pumpkin was way thicker than the orange ones, and way harder to carve!

Em and Cinderella played while I worked... hmm.

Clinton stole my camera!

Hard at work!

All finished!

All ready for the ball!

We couldn't decide on placement of the mice!
Besides the harder than usual carving, the project was really easy. Just used some sticker jewels from Hobby Lobby! (And Em's toys, of course!) The hardest part was Emma wanting to help! You'd have thought this was HER project or something ;).

Our pumpkin collection!

Em said this was Daddy's silly face!
Nothing "overcame" today, but hey, I posted! 
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  1. Oh my word!!! That pumpkin is amazingly cute!!! I love all your pictures =) Emma would love to do a pumpkin like the cinderella one :-)

  2. I love the pumpkin it looks fantastic!! I also love fall babies, especially fall Emma's!!

  3. So cute! Interesting information about the difference in the white pumpkins.

    1. I was not pleasantly surprised! Ha! My weak arms couldn't carve it! Thanks for visiting and commenting!