Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days- Day 9 & 10

Yeah, so I missed yesterday. Don't even have a good excuse, just forgot.

I couldn't sleep Monday night. So I finally took a Unisom at 1 a.m,, knowing it wouldn't be a good morning... Clinton had to MAKE me get out of bed to take Emma to school. Then he had to drive us because I was in a daze. I sat at my computer, trying to work, feeling like a zombie, until I finally woke up around 11. Clinton took me on a lunch date since it has been forever since we've had a date night! Then we picked up Emma early from school and took her for her special treat!

That's right! She got her ten purple stickers!

We took her to a newish frozen yogurt shop in town. We really enjoyed it and will be making several return trips, I'm sure!

Em had one crazy mixture.

Mine was a little more tame, but delicious!

Happy Girl!
I don't even remember much else about yesterday, I guess I was still pretty zoned out! :/ Note to self- do not take sleeping pill so late again. Ever.

Today, has been good (I took my Unisom at 10 pm!)
Worked out, then went to McDonald's with Misty and her kids! She had a hair appointment after, and I didn't see any reason why she should have to take the kids with her, since Em and I were just going to hang out at home, so I brought them home with me!

Getting Dum Dums from the... eh, better not say it!

Haydon sweeping up!

The princesses loading up their purses!

The kids had a great time together, as always!

I know this post doesn't really cover any of my things I want to overcome. Sorry, I'm just blah right now! I DO have a couple of good in depth posts planned, I just have to get the energy to do them! :/

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  1. I wish we had a frozen yougurt place near us! It looks super good! =)

  2. We have Sweet Frog and it is yummy! Looks like fun!