Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days of Overcoming Myself- Day 6

I don't know that I've made any strides today in "overcoming myself". But hey, the challenge is to blog everyday, right? So here's today's post!

It's finally COLD in Texas! I hope it warms up a little, because right now it feels like we skipped fall and went straight to winter!

I put my fall decorations up last month, but didn't remember to get a picture of it until now! I just used stuff I had, so it feels a little skimpy, but at least I didn't have to buy any more!

Clinton and I fixed the most amazing meal tonight! He smoked some chicken leg quarters and made baked beans, and I made baked potato salad. Recipe from here! I love it when I find keeper recipes on Pinterest!

I should say that our day was pretty good, until this evening. Emma behaved so bad that I went ahead and gave her a black mark on her behavior chart instead of waiting until bedtime (like I usually do!)

AND she was just hours away from getting her 10 purple stickers and her special treat! Ugh! Aggravates me to no end!

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Today is the 6th day of the challenge. Go here to read from the beginning.


  1. Your fireplace is adorable! I'm kinda jealous of it. My fireplace is kinda blah. And your dinner is making me hungry! haha I recently made the baked potato salad, and it was a big hit in our house! =)
    Good for you for sticking by the behavior chart!! I myself would have a hard time sticking by it, hehe =)

  2. I don't even have a fireplace you two! :)
    I LOVE your cabinet and old window! The salad looks great, I'm going to go pin it after I finish this!

    Hang in there with Emma. I know it sucks not to make it to a milestone, but you are a good momma and she's still testing her ground! (This is the teacher in me talking. I know I fall apart everytime Emma has her meltdowns and moments!)