Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days of Overcoming Myself- Day 5

Well, I did it. I committed myself to a YEAR of exercise. Or at least I committed my money. :/

I signed up for 12 months of Jazzercise!

As I was leaving the house to go up there, I kind of had a bad feeling. Thinking I was wasting my money, blah, blah. But when I got closer and pulled in, a feeling of relief came over me. I was relieved that I was finally doing something about my weight, which has really been bothering me. And now that I've signed up, I'm excited! Watching my friend, Misty, finish up her class while I was there, helped. She's an instructor and looks great!

Now, I just need to stay motivated and get Misty to call me every morning to make me go! ;)

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Today is the 5th day of the challenge. Go here to read from the beginning.


  1. You can do it!! Once you start you will love it! Just be careful not to get out of the habit!!

  2. Good for you!!!! I need to find your motivation now! haha =)