Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Overcoming Myself- Day 3

One of my biggest problems is time management. Trying to be supermom is hard, especially when you work from home (and you are lazy). I've been using a daily schedule for a while now, to keep me on track. If I don't have a reminder of the things I need to get done, I'm likely to be sitting on the couch, watching tv for hours, or lost in iPhone land. I have been slacking on following my schedules, but I'm working on being back on track!

Speaking of the pressure to be supermom, my friend Tiffany, wrote a good post about that on her 2nd day of the challenge, 31 Days of Letting Go: Day 2!

Here are my daily schedules for this week so far. I, actually, followed it today! (Except that I didn't wake up at 7, oops! Not going to tell you what time I DID wake-up, but I'll just say that I didn't start working until 10:30...)

I usually ignore that "Cleaning Goal" part! Ha!
I got the printable schedules from Buttoned Up, they have lots of cute organization tools!

I struggle with trying to do it all, be it all, for everyone. I'm always falling short. Supermom syndrome. How DO they do it?? However, I usually feel better about myself if I follow my schedules and get SOME things done around here. Not that I get to feel like that often.

Having to schedule play time, is not a GREAT moment for a mom, but if I didn't put it on the schedule, it probably wouldn't happen at all. Emma told me the other day that I NEVER play with her. Talk about a knife to the heart. She, also, said that I never smile and I'm always mad. I wish I could just go with the flow and play when she asks and throw my schedules out the window. But I, also, know that, then, nothing would get done, including WORK.

So how to balance is the big question. Working from home is the best of both worlds, but I still can't master it. Anyone have any solutions on how to balance everything? How to be a supermom?

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This is the third day of the challenge. See Day 1 here and Day 2 here!


  1. I really don't think any mom is supermom. Even the people that we think have it completely together, actually have flaws. You seem like a great mom to Emma!! I also hear my Emma tell me that I don't play with her enough. And I catch her asking me to play something with her and I often tell her, "I'm too busy right now, maybe a little later" and then after she's in bed I realize that "Later" never came. I often feel guilty about it and have been trying to do better at it. Because I know she is only little once and I won't get those times back. I know I don't personally know you, but from reading your blog for a while now, you really seem like a great mom!! =)

  2. Thanks, Johannah! That's really nice to hear!