Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days- Overcoming Shopping Bulimia

While I was away this weekend, I realized something about myself! I have shopping bulimia.

I'll explain that in just a minute. First, let me give some background on our budgeting methods. We use a cash budget. We pay bills first, then put back savings, then take out a set amount of cash for 1- groceries 2- "slush fund" (incidentals) 3- my allowance and 4- Clinton's allowance. We only use our debit cards to buy gas. It usually works really, really well. Whenever, we have extras we need to shop for, we save up for it! Like when we went school clothes shopping for Emma, I set aside money for weeks. The reason this method works so well, is because I NEVER go shopping anymore. Like clothing shopping. Because I have shopping bulimia.

Sunday, we stopped at Target on our way home. I just HAD to check out the little girl's clothes section. Then, I just HAD to buy everything!! I shopping binged. I'm serious!

Then, I realized, in the check out lane, mind you, that I had way overspent. And felt sick. Metaphorically, purged.

On the upside, Em looks fabulous in her new clothes!

Acting silly in one of the new outfits!

So how do stop doing this? How do I make it through a trip to target with my friends (because if Clinton was with me, he'd rein me in himself!), and not binge?

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  1. I'm the same way. I have been at a checkout before and felt completely sick to my stomach. 2 Christmas's ago I went to Toys R Us and bought Emma a Nintendo DSi with about 3 games. I got out to the parking lot and thought I was going to throw up. Needless to say I felt the same way when I got home, the very next morning I went back and returned everything! haha =)

    1. At least, I'm not alone! But I don't feel bad enough to return anything. I justify it so I won't have to! Ha!