Saturday, January 1, 2011

Alex's Birthday

Alexandrea Lee Killian is 11. She was the first baby in our family and now she's a tween. Because her birthday is before Christmas, her parents decided to just do a small get together on (really 2 days before) her birthday, and let her have a big party later (which will be at my house next week).  

Look at this face!
Alex trying to peek at her presents.
Cake time!
These kids play rough! Emma had just dive bombed Alex for wrestling Kirk. Don't mess with her Turkey!
More playing!
And then Kinsley dived on top of Alex! It was a free for all!
Alex opening her present from us!

There was a bunch of stuff in there!
This is my pet peeve by the way...
 Since Emma and Kinsley weren't going to see each other on Christmas, they exchanged their presents to each other early.

Emma got a Kid Tough digital camera!
The girls with their matching BFF bracelets.

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