Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alex's PARTY!

Since Alex's birthday is so close to Christmas, Andrea decided to have her "friend" party in January. We had a small party on her birthday! I asked Andrea the day of the party how it ended up at my house. We discussed and came to the conclusion that I had volunteered. I did? Yes, I did. It was really fun!

Emma sneaking some food before the party!

The little girls had a tea party of their own. (I really should do something about that table!)

The big girls had a tea party, too!

Then they decorated cupcakes!

The little girls decorated some, too!

Then some dancing broke out!

Emma & Kinsley were singing back-up!

Emma's a rock star!

They were gettin it!

Alex belting it out!

I think this is where the lack of nap came in...

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