Monday, January 31, 2011

Walking in the woods

Since we had some semi-decent weather this week, Clinton and I took Emma to Cuthand to get outside for awhile. We went to the "Old Place" because Memaw & Papa where down there, as well as my Daddy (Emma's Papaw). Once we got down there, we went on a little walk in the woods. (When Emma saw these pictures, she said she was in the jungle! Silly kid!)

Checking to make sure I was still back there.
I have so pictures like this.

Clinton trying to explain something to me.

I was just trying to be artistic here.

Emma started gathering up sticks, saying she was going to take them to Memaw, etc.

My new favorite picture!

Back at the camp house.

Papaw offered to take her for a ride.

Almost up there!

And they were off.... for about a minute, when she cried for her Mommy!

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