Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting it together

I have to admit that I've been floundering lately. Laundry has piled up, the house hasn't been cleaned, and I've been sleeping, a lot.

Here is my "go to" excuse- I've been sick, Clinton's been sick, Emma's been sick.

But the truth is, I've been downward spiraling. For a while. So I'm trying to drag myself up by the bootstraps. Or whatever that saying is.

My New Year's Resolution was to do better. Just do better at life. At being a mom. At being a wife. At being a woman.

No, I didn't really get good and started on Jan. 1. See excuse above.
I'm starting now. I started with a list and two schedules. I'll share them with you, if you are interested.

Things To Work On
1. Get out of bed at decent time (this may seem easy to some of you, but this has been a problem for me. Like always.)
2. Cleaning schedule
3. Drink less caffeine (I don't know for sure, but I think the gallons of caffeinated beverages I drink everyday may contribute to me not being able to get out of the bed in the morning, i.e. drink Coke all day, stay up all night, want to sleep all day... vicious cycle...)
4. Keep Emma on schedule
5. Meal planning
6. Eat healthier
7. Work out
8. Keep on budget
9. Teaching Emma
10. Take pride in how I look

Weekly Cleaning Schedule (see #2 above)
Monday- Laundry: clothes (I wanted to keep it real with Monday...) 
Tuesday- Clean bathrooms/ dust/ laundry: towels
Wednesday- Empty all trash & take dumpster out/ vacuum/ laundry: sheets
Thursday- Sweep & mop/ clean Emma's room/ laundry: Em's clothes
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday- whatever got missed earlier in the week.

Side-note- why is laundry an everyday thing???

Daily Schedule (I think that having a tentative daily schedule, will help me with those things I wanted to work on and keep to my cleaning schedule)
9 am- get up and dressed, get Emma dressed
9:30- breakfast
10- clean up kitchen, unload dishwasher, defrost supper, etc.
10:30- start laundry
10:45- do cleaning for the day
12- lunch, clean-up kitchen
1- learning time with Emma
2- put Emma down for nap
2:15- work out with WII fit
4/5- start cooking supper (this will depend on Clinton's work schedule)
5:30/7- eat supper, clean-up kitchen, load dishwasher (again depending on Clinton's work schedule)
7:30- pick-up toys, etc.
8- Emma's bath
9- put Emma down for the night

I realize that this schedule will not go by the minute, but its tentative and flexible. We'll see how it goes!

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  1. I feel your pain in the "downward spiral" ...not just the wintery blues..but the general feeling of not living up to what you try to be. Just hang in there....I'm certain you are being a fantastic wife and super mom more than you - yourself - know. I found your blog through "this week for dinner" and just felt like commenting to let you know you aren't alone. It's a drastic miracle if I can have the sink clean for one day. But it's that one day that helps me cheer up and keep on the brighter side. Anyways, hope you have a great week and keep hold of those bootstraps! :)