Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Eve at Nana & Papaw's

It's snowing here today, and that takes me back into the holiday mindset, which reminded me that I haven't posted our Christmas pictures yet!

Christmas Eve always starts off with lunch at my Memaw's house, but I forgot to take any pictures! I made up for it though with lots of pictures at my mom & dad's later, where our immediate family exchanged gifts.

Emma got to open her biggest one first!

It was a Tinkerbell chair!

Jalyn looks more impressed with Kam's gift than he does.

Unfortunately, I think she got that tongue sticking out thing from me.

Just checking out Tinkerbell.

Dr. Emma

Poor BrayBray was sick and didn't have much fun.

Those glasses stayed on for the duration of the gift opening!

JayJay was so excited about his karaoke machine, he passed out!


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