Sunday, January 23, 2011


I do not iron. Never really have. I'm not good at it, and I think that if you want it semi-ironed get it out of the dryer fast! OR if it really needs to look nice, take it to the cleaners! In fact, Clinton and I received an iron as a wedding gift (over 5 years ago) and I don't think I've used it. Maybe I'm exaggerating there, but I know I don't own an ironing board, so...?? 

A trip to Hobby Lobby inspired me to use my iron for the first time. I did only iron on letters, but hey! The iron has officially been used. Here is my attempt at being crafty! 

Isn't my model the cutest?
SPOILER ALERT! The next two are gifts, so if the recipients' mothers see this... sorry, its not a surprise! 

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  1. Those are so freaking cute!!! Em and Lib will love wearing those!! You are so crafty!!! Wish i could think of some neat things to make for the girls to have!