Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Program

I had 1 niece and 4 nephews (and countless cousins) in the elementary school's program this year, so of course, I HAD to go, but the dang thing started at 8:30 am! Are you freaking kidding me? Regardless, I loaded up myself and my desperately tired toddler and drove to Rivercrest.

I love the program and I love Mrs. Oats, who was my music teacher when I was in elementary school and still has the kids sing the classics (well, classics to me anyway).

Alex as a "Dancing Elf". Second row, 4th from right.

Two of the girls singing are cousins, check out Alex in her shades in the back... I can't wait to show these pictures to her friends when she's in high school.

Emma and Kinsley wouldn't allow Andrea to hold one of them without the other... they are so jealous.

The Pre-K doing the Nativity. I thought they were so cute, and I remember being Mary in Kindergarten! Aww, memories.

Kamryn (second row, 4th from left) and Kirk (second row, 3rd from right). Somehow, I don't think Kirk is paying attention.

I don't think Kam is singing as loud as the kids around him.

Bradyn (third row, 4th from left)

Emma and Kinsley, both of them, back in Andrea's lap.

FIVE golden rings!

There was an "intermission" between K-2 and 3&4 grade. (Fifth grade performed their play for both groups). Bradyn came and sat with me for the second half.

Alex, fresh from the stage, holding Emma.

Jalyn surprised us all by singing a solo. He sang "What Child is This?" and his classmates accompanied him with recorders.

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