Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baking Christmas Cookies

Emma and I got a special request (from Clinton) to make some sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles. I vetoed the icing, because I wasn't sure how good of an idea it was to let Emma decorate with icing (or eat cookies with icing on my couch or something!) Since I'm the resident baker in the family, Clinton took over the camera to capture Emma's first time making Christmas cookies.
Notice how purple those pants start out.

And no, she didn't get her feet in the cookies.

She was a little timid at first.

Cutting her first cookie!

"I did it!"

Showing Daddy the cutters.

Putting the cookies on the tray.

Helping me roll out the second batch.

More help.

Giving me five!

Cutting the second batch.

Putting the sprinkles on.

Feeding Daddy a cookie.

Some of our "masterpieces".

And now, what color are those pants?

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  1. Emma is so cute and has soo many teeth! Hopefully we can see you guys in the next couple of weeks.