Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Fun!

This weekend was spent enjoying the sunshine and the water!

On Friday, I set up Emma's little pool and she splashed around!

She's such a redneck!

Saturday- My parents invited us down for swimming, fishing, and burgers!

Kirk is so silly!

I kept telling Alex to smile at me, but she kept acting silly. I TOLD her I was going to put the pics on the Internet. Kids don't listen...

See! Again I warned her! He He!

Attempt #1

Take 2!
 After we got back to my Mom & Dad's house, the kids were worn out!

Kirk caught me taking pictures!

Sherri brought Libby over to play on Sunday!

Libby & Emma with Mamou in the background!

They splashed me. Can't you tell?

I said "Look at me and smile, Libs"... took a few tries...

but then I got this one! Yay!

Do you think Libs is enjoying her loving from Emma?

Em needed a rest...

then Libby did, too!
I have to say that it was one fantastic weekend! We are loving summertime!

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