Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"I Not Get In Pool, Mommy'

I've established in the last few posts that Emma enjoys being in the water.

Take her to a big, murky lake, she's great.

Put her in a blow up pool in the backyard, she's cool with it.

But an in-ground kiddie pool, one foot deep, with lots of kids to play with... nuh-uh, nope, not happening.

My friend, Regan, has a membership at one of the local pools, and invited us to come swim with them a couple of days this week. There is a regular big pool with slides and diving boards, but the nice thing about this pool is the gated "kiddie" section with a separate pool just for the little ones.

Emma has a great time, don't get me wrong, but she isn't getting in that pool. If I'm lucky, she'll sit on the edge and put her feet in.

What does she do while you are at the pool, you may be asking... let me show you...

plays with other people's stuff

runs around


throws stuff in the water

occasionally sits by the pool

eats some more

plays with her swim ring

and does ballerina dances!

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