Monday, June 20, 2011

I popped it!

Emma has gotten really independent. Always wants to get her own snack. She is always sneaking into the fridge and grabbing a cheese snack. BUT, she has to bring them to me to open them :)

Tonight, I hear Emma opening the fridge and rooting around. I actually think she's in the freezer and holler for her to stop. I hear what I think is Emma digging in the box of frozen mini pancakes (her favorite breakfast!). I told her, "Em, put those pancakes up. They are frozen!!"

She comes running in the living room and says "I popped it, it's a mess" I'm thinking she meant to say "dropped" so I said "Clean it up, pick them up!"

Emma runs back into the kitchen, then turns around and runs right back and says, "I need a paper towel!"

"Wha-what? What did you do?"

"Help me, Mommy"

I walked into the kitchen and there is an egg. An egg smashed all over the floor. An egg that has been "popped". Smart kid :)!

The carton is sitting on the counter.

I assume the sound I thought was the plastic inside the pancake box, was the egg carton being opened.

Emma and I cleaned it up, she is a really good help with cleaning...

I think its time to put the baby locks back on the fridge!

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