Saturday, June 11, 2011

JayJay turns 10!

My oldest nephew, Jalyn, just turned 10! Say it isn't so! Not double digits!! Man, these kids grow up too fast!

His party was at the park, at 10 am to try to avoid the heat... it didn't work so good!

The birthday boy looking so grown! :(

TamTam is so darn cute!

Getting ready to blow out the candles on his karate cake!

Emma checking out her favors!

JayJay taking a whack at the pinata!

Chance had to use his Marine Corps muscle to climb up the fix the rope!

Tam's turn!

Kirk's big swing!

He busted it!

A candy frenzy!

Emma was a little late to run to the candy, but she tried!

Bradyn... upset that he didn't get his pinata turn? Pouting? Who knows!

"Mommy, I got some!"
Finding out that Nana & Papaw bought him tickets to Legoland!

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