Monday, June 20, 2011

Cabin Fever!

After Sherri's graduation, the whole group went to a cabin in Broken Bow, OK for a few days to celebrate!

The girls rode ponies at a festival!

I still can't believe Emma got on one! But she had a grip of Granddad's hand!

She eventually let go!! Yay Emma!

Libby got scared by the bounce house, but Chelsea was there to comfort her!

Pretty little ponytails!

Emma splashing Mamou!

Everyone enjoying pizza and beer at the "Grateful Head". It was great!

I don't know what Libs is fishing out of that glass!

Just give her a stick and some rocks and she's set!

Clinton and Scott soaking up Mike's wisdom!

The girls ended the day with a skinny-dip!
I do not have anymore pictures of that night because I was inebriated. I apologize for how obnoxiously loud I am when I'm drinking... ;) it was fun, though!

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