Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Busy Day

Whew! We have had a busy, busy day! I thought it was supposed to be lazy summer days, not running around, busy-as-a-bee summer days!

We started the day off with swimming lessons at 9 am. This was Em's second lesson. She is by far the loudest, crying-est kid there. She is, also, the youngest. The other kids cry some, too, but Em is the best at it! :)

After lessons, we rushed home to get changed to go to story time at the library. Today was our first time going, and Emma loved it. She, also, picked out two books to bring home. She was so excited about reading her "Angelina" books (Angelina Ballerina).

Once we got home, we had lunch. Then her Mamou & Granddad came over. Granddad went fishing with Clinton, and Mamou stayed and played with Emma. I cleaned.

I cleaned almost the whole house in less than two hours. It was so nice to clean without so many distractions. Or should I say without "THE distraction". Of course, Emma would say that anything that takes the attention off of her is a distraction! Ha!

Later, we cooked homemade hot wings and fries for supper. Cleaned up, bathed Emma, then finally cleaned Emma's room. I waited because it was TOO much to do by myself! I made Clinton help me :)!

Finally, the day is done... and I'm blogging. I'm ready to crash though! Night, night!

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