Friday, June 24, 2011

Family Day

Every once in a while, Clinton and I decide to have a "family day". We basically spend the day doing whatever Emma wants to do or whatever we think she will like.

Hmm. Well that doesn't sound too different from everyday of our life. I guess I should describe it as a day that we ignore our regular household duties and just focus on having fun together. 

First thing, we had swimming lessons again. This time I was supposed to "disappear" so that Emma would focus on her lesson. Umm. This backfired big time. She screamed and screamed. The only thing that could get her to calm down was her friend, Colt. He sat by her and she settled, but when it was time for him to resume his lessons, she got upset again. We all finally had enough and decided that Emma isn't ready for swimming lessons. We'll try it again next year.

So family day didn't start off great!

Next, we went to McDonald's. A real treat for Emma because she doesn't get to go there often.

We were planning to stay awhile and let her run off some energy. There weren't too many kids in the play area, and all was fine until a car pulled up and unloaded around 10 more kids. Clinton and I decided it was time to go! Ha!

So we let Em do some shopping (her way). We went to her two favorite stores.


Or as I like to call it "The Poor Man's Zoo/Aquarium"! 

She loves to push the little buggy around and look at all the animals and fish! She kept saying "Look at this, MommyDaddy!" She said it all one word like that!

And Paris Baby!

She kicked her shoes off and jumped in to play in the sand! She kept asking me to take off her clothes, the little nudist! She, also, got to pick out some beach toys to take to the beach in a few weeks!

Then it was time to head over to the library for a show! The theme of the show was "Digging in the Bayou", right up our alley, right? Emma LOVED it!

But we had to leave early because "Mother of the Year" here forgot to repack my bag and we ran out of diapers!

Ugh! I swear I'm worse than an 80 year old! 

Yes, she's still wearing diapers! If anyone wants to volunteer for potty training services, go right ahead!

So we had to return home, and spent some time resting before the next activity!

That night, we took Emma to Movies in the Park for the first time. She had a big time, but Clinton and I didn't get to enjoy it for worrying about what she was doing!

Like running around trees, getting on people's blankets, looking in their bags, and stealing their food!! She even asked a lady for one of those glow bracelets, and the next thing I knew the lady had went and bought her one! Emma is such a moocher!

She did sit still long enough to watch the commercial for the Movies in the Park sponsors! Emma is in the Paris Baby one!

Em is in "Take 1" and "Take 200" ;)

The movie was The Sandlot, but we had to leave right after the kid's first big catch scene because Clinton's stress level had reached max. capacity!

By then Emma was thoroughly worn out, but happy! A successful family day!

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