Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Disney Magic Vacay- Day 6

I woke up to the sound of Clinton going out on the veranda. It was his morning routine to go out there as soon as he got up. This time he was watching us approach Cozumel, Mexico!

We got dressed and went up to the buffet for breakfast. After eating, we went to the atrium to see Goofy! He was the one character that we didn't have a good picture with! We were surprised to find Max with him! Em went crazy!

We gone back and forth on whether to get off the boat in Cozumel or not, and we didn't book another excursion. We eventually decided to spend some time walking around the port, then spend the day at the pool.

We had to wait about an hour before we could get off, so we wondered outside on Deck 4.

Silly girl!

Another huge ship...

Emma playing shuffleboard with her daddy!

Finally, there was an announcement that we could disembark (I think that is the correct word!). We headed out to Cozumel. The walkway took us directly into a shopping mall area. And  we were immediately bombarded with people trying to sell us stuff. It really made us nervous to have Emma there, so scared that she would wonder away and someone would snatch her. I know it could happen here, but Mexico is Mexico so we were wary. We literally spent like 30 minutes walking around and went straight back to the ship. Next time, we will definitely book an excursion to take us the beach instead of trying to go by ourselves.

Actually, as much as we loved our excursion in Grand Cayman, we would do the opposite next time. Excursion in Cozumel and walk around Grand Cayman.

We were at the pool an hour after we left!

It was really nice because it wasn't windy and there weren't many people there!

Somehow, Clinton talked Emma into going on the slide. 

Happy, excited face...

Wet face...

Not happy face!
She kept saying, "I went under!" She hates to get her head/ face wet. When you ask her about the slide, she says "It was fun, but I went under!" Ha!

After a couple hours of pool, we went to the buffet for lunch. We snagged a great table outside. I snapped a few pictures from the table.

Em said this was Captain Jack's ship!

We went back to the room to rest for a little bit, and I actually did a load of laundry! Crazy! Em changed into her new costume, and promptly went to sleep!

This afternoon is where we made our big food mistake. We ordered Emma some room service so she could eat before the show, because she was going to the kids club right after. We had reservations at Palo at 7:15. So I was about to order Emma a pizza at around 5, when Clinton said he'd like something. So I went ahead and got us all something. So stupid. So we ate, and went down to the theater for the show at 6. The show was Dreams, and we had heard a rumor that Ariel was in it, so Emma was excited! It was great! Lots of Disney characters singing the famous songs from their movies, included Sebastian the crab singing "Under the Sea", my favorite!

We walked Emma to kids club, and headed to Palo. I was excited, but dreaded it because I wasn't hungry! WHAT was I thinking!

We were seated, and Vitor came took our drink orders! I got a glass of wine and Clinton got a Manhattan. He's become quite the whiskey drinker! Vitor, then, prepared an antipasto plate for the table.

This was a pizza dough bread. Sorry for the bite, it was really good!

Then the appetizers.

Mine- grilled shrimp with pesto.

Clinton's- calamari. We had never had it, and both wanted to try it. We love calamari!
We didn't think we could eat a pasta course, but wanted to try the lobster ravioli. So Vitor brought us two to try! 

They were so good. I managed two bites, I think.
Entree time!

I had the osso bucco with saffron risotto. Really good, rich, and I couldn't eat it. *Sob* I had one bite.
 While recapping this, I am seriously hating myself for not getting to eat all of that good food!

Clinton's entree- rack of lamb. Didn't try it, but he said it was good.
 Before dessert, we told Vitor that we were done, unfortunately. He said we had to try to chocolate souffle, and that he had already put in an order for TWO, but would cancel one.

I hadn't liked any other chocolate souffle I had had before, but this one. Oh, this one...

As full as I was, I basically licked the bowl.
 I was sad, then, that he had cancelled the second one!

Vitor, also, brought us a tiramisu to try!  I was too busy eating the souffle to try it, but Clinton said it was good!
We left there miserably full, but happy from all the good food!

We were just leaving the restaurant when we got a text on our wave phone that Emma wanted to be picked up, a first! When we got there, they said she was tired. We took her to bed, poor baby.

A lobster was waiting for us!


  1. Love the picture of Emma with Goofy...but how in the world do I not know who Max is!?! haha

    The picture of Emma sleeping...ADORABLE! I think that definately needs to be framed =)

    Again...the food looks just amazing! I sooo want to go on a Disney Cruise now! I posted the other day here that the 3 of us with Emma's should plan a blogger trip on a Disney cruise together! haha =)

  2. Max is Goofy's son, from The Goofy Movie! :)

    I want more of that food so bad right now! Esp. dessert!

    Yes, let's do it!

  3. This post is making me hungry! We're planning on going on Disney Cruise late this year. I can't wait! I love all things Disney.

    1. It really was a fantastic vacation! You'll have a blast!

  4. I wonder who Max's mom is...