Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Disney Magic Vacay- Day 4

Let me just tell you about the drama that has kept me from posting the last few days.  I've had this bump on my head for a few months now. What felt like a ginormous pimple. Don't judge me. I finally got it cut out on Monday. Think agony. I don't remember childbirth hurting as bad. Honest. It didn't hurt as badly yesterday, but the side of my head was swollen to the point that I looked like I was looking in a Fun House mirror. It really was that bad, AND I didn't know it until I had already been out of the house TWICE! Not a pretty sight!

Okay, back to the trip! This was our second sea day.

I didn't think we had taken pictures of our stateroom, but I guess Clinton took this one. It shows the Navigator's Veranda we had. It wasn't a full veranda just had an open porthole. We enjoyed it, though!

We took Emma to the buffet to get her some breakfast before she went to the kids club. We didn't eat much, because we were looking forward to brunch at Palo, the adults only restaurant. It had a small upcharge of $20 a person, but it was well worth it! For starters, we got a complementary champagne cocktail! I had a mimosa and Clinton had a Kir Royale. I, then, had many more mimosas! The unique thing about the brunch was there were many buffet style stations and you could order hot entrees. Our server, Vitor from Portugal, took us around to see all the stations and explain the food.

So many amazing things to choose from! I hate that I forgot to take a picture of our plates from the buffet! We did order some hot entrees. Clinton got the margarita pizza.

I got the Chicken Parm with Risotto. Now, I almost didn't order this, because you can get it everywhere, and there was so many things that I wanted to try that aren't as readily available. But I had read so many rave reviews about it, and Vitor recommended it.

Let me tell you, this is the best thing I ate on the whole trip. And that's saying something, because we ate some good food!

This was the view from our table. Amazing!
We confirmed our dinner reservation for the 5th night and requested Vitor again! He was great!

We headed down and picked up Emma from the kids club and changed for the pool!

Emma in the Mickey pool.

She loved the "ears" of the pool.

It was pretty windy!
She had been in the pool for maybe 15 minutes, when I had to take her to the bathroom. When we came back, the pool had been closed due to a UFO. Honest to God, the Cast Member told Clinton there had been an Unidentified Floating Object. Yuck! So they had to close the pool, drain, and sanitize it. We went around to the Goofy pool, but Em wouldn't get in. Instead had herself a dance party for one....

(sorry there are so many pictures of this, but it makes me smile!)

Had to lose the cover-up!

Get it guuuurrrlll!

This went on for about 30 minutes, with me and Clinton laughing so hard. She is our main source of entertainment.

We walked around to the front of the ship. The wind was BLOWING!

Clinton's "King of the World" moment!
Oh, just FYI, there is whiskey in that cup. Because on DISNEY, you can BRING alcohol on board with you! We brought a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of wine. The only alcohol we bought on board was in Palo, because we wanted to! 

Just pretty!

Just being silly!

I guess this is Em's "King Queen Princess of the World" moment!
We went back the room to rest and change. Em and I went back up by the pool to wait for Stitch to come out! I wanted to be first in line, so we could get the picture, but we had to be at a special tea party in less than 30 minutes, so time was short!

While we were in line, guess who we saw up on Deck 10! The Hook, himself! We decided to get his picture later and hold our place in line.

Photo bombed! Ugh!
We headed to the Studio Sea (one of the clubs), for a tea party with Alice and the Madhatter! This was an event that you had to have tickets for, it was still free, but had limited space! We had gotten our tickets as soon as we got onboard! We met up with Holly and Scarlett from our Facebook group, and got a table right in front!

Eating up all the cookies! I didn't even get one!

So excited!

Alice showed everyone the proper way to have tea, while the Madhatter acted, well, crazy, and showed us some silly games. We, also, sang the "Unbirthday Song". We had a good time! 

After the tea party, we got ready for dinner. We were in Lumiere's dining room. Before I post the food pics, let me tell you about our table mates. We had met them the previous night at Parrot Cay. There was a woman, who was our age. She had a little girl, Maddie Beth, who was Em's age, and a boy, Micah, who was 2. They were the most precious kids!  Her in-laws were with her, and they were the nicest people. They are retired school teachers, but they are from Alabama. Uh-oh... Clinton had on his LSU shirt the night we met. BUT they are Auburn fans, so we were still compatible. We enjoyed talking with them each night, and the kids were extremely well behaved! Way better than Em, and she was pretty good!

Back to the food!

My app- shrimp & asparagus. Let me say, I've never had shrimp cooked as perfectly as I did on that boat! Every single time I ate shrimp, they were perfect!

Clinton's app- duck confit. I don't think he liked it.

My soup- French Onion. Not my fave.

Clinton's entree- fish. Can't remember the details.

My entree- Lamb shank with polenta. My second favorite entree after the chicken parm!

Clinton and I shared this Grand Marnier souffle. It was amazing!

If there is creme brulee on the menu, I'm ordering it. In fact, we both did. Yes, we had two desserts! Yum!

The mural on the wall in the restaurant! Beautiful!
After dinner, we took Em to the kids club. She didn't want to see that night's show, Villian's Tonight, so we went without her. It was really funny! I'm pretty sure I cackled. No shame in my game.

We picked Em up after the show and took her back to the Studio Sea for a family game show. It was "Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer?", a play on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" It was fun, but we didn't get picked to play. Em was upset, but I think Clinton was more upset FOR her than she actually was. Ha!

We went to bed after another full fun day!

A towel puppy waited for us in the room!


  1. I keep telling Justin about the cruise. We may look into this when Emma gets a little older!

    1. Clinton is hooked! And he is the one I thought might not like it!

  2. This looks like you guys had sooo much fun!! I love all your food pictures!! lol Everything looks good, except the duck one! haha =)
    Can't wait to see more of your trip!!!!!

    1. I know I looked like a dork lugging my big ol' camera out for every course, but I didn' t let it bother me! ;)

  3. I agree on the duck thing, that's the only one that didn't look good. I loved the pictures of Emma dancing- so funny! And I think Scott is convinced our next cruise will be a Disney cruise since you can bring your own alcohol!! :)

    1. And you could take the baby! They have a nursery! ;)