Saturday, January 19, 2013

Disney Magic Vacay Day 1 & 2

Thought I might as well get started since it will take me a year to post all of this! Ha! We had an amazing time!

We drove down to Galveston Friday, and spent some time playing on the beach!

We went to bed that night ready to get up in the morning and head to the boat! We woke up the next morning to black out fog and an email from Disney. It said that the Magic was offshore and was unable to come into port, it was closed due to the fog. Our Port Arrival Time was delayed by 4 hours. So instead of arriving at 11, we were to arrive at 3 pm. Ugh! This complicated matters because check out was at 10 AND our hotel was supposed to shuttle us to the port! Apparently the hotel was full of cruisers because the lobby was full of displaced guests!

We wondered around Galveston for a few hours. Got another email saying to delay arrival by SIX hours from original Port Arrival Time! NOOOO!

Then we got news that the port was allowing people to check in! So we twisted the hotel people's arm into taking us! So we were finally on our way! YAY! We arrived at around 3 pm. Went through security and received a check in number of 11! :( The terminal was PACKED!

 We had to wait around for a couple of hours, but little missy stayed in pretty good spirits! We had a Facebook group of people going on this cruise and one really nice couple (The Rileys) told us a little shortcut on checking in AND then grabbed us to walk on with them (Group 5 instead of 11!!) We were really appreciative because that cut the wait WAY down! Which was good because Em was starting to get tired! We walked onboard around 5:30 pm.

She perked right up, though, when she saw who was waving at her in the atrium!

Minnie Mouse!!
We went right to our room and decorated our door!

We, also, met our room host Arya from Indonesia! He showed us where the life vest were! Very important! Then to our first dinner at Animator's Palate. The coolest restaurant because it started out black and white and it slowly changed to bright and colorful! We, also, met our servers Nesha from Trinidad and Marista from South Africa!

The best picture I got, couldn't figure out a good way to take a pic of it with flash, no flash, etc!

My app- mushroom risotto

Clinton's app- shrimp cheesecake

Em's food- mac n' cheese!

Nesha made Em a smiley ketchup face!

My entree- turkey alfredo like dish, can't remember the exact name.

Clinton's entree- he thinks it was a pork chop dish! Ha!

Em's dessert- a MICKEY BAR!

My dessert- strawberry shortcake with marscapone cheese. Yum!

Clinton had a apple pie thingy...

Then it was SHOWTIME! Mr. Mouse himself led a parade around the room!

 After dinner, we went by the kids club to get Emma's Mickey band bracelet, which checked her in and out. She spent a little time climbing on "Tick Tock Croc" while we were there!

Next we headed towards the theater for the opening night show, "All Aboard! Let the Magic Begin!" On the way, guess who we ran into... Princess Tiana!!

Em told her she went to New Orleans all the time, so Tiana told her she needed to try out her restaurant next time! Ha!!

Once in the show, I snapped a few pictures before I knew that that was a NO, NO!



On the way out of the theater, we ran into another special person! Minnie!!

We went to our designated meet up for the Muster (Safety) drill. It was at 10:15 pm! Everything had to be shifted because of the late boarding! Dang fog! It was at this time that Emma started to melt down. It had been a long day! So unfortunately, Em and I didn't get our safety briefing. We went to bed! We had to leave it up to Clinton to get all the info we needed!  Day 3: At Sea coming up next!


  1. Oh I am loving the recap! Making me even more excited for our trip :)

  2. It sounds like a great trip so far!!! I can't wait for you to post more about it! I love all the pictures....and Emma's dress is just Adorable!!! Glad you're back! Post more soon!! =)

    1. I was planning to post daily about it, but life got in the way yesterday! I'll post Day 4 soon!

  3. Emma's dress, super cute. You must share where you got it!

    Sounds like she did great considering all that went crazy! I also think we are awhile from Disney since Emma is scared to death of characters!

    1. You know, my Emma was scared of every other character we've encountered before! Somehow, she was over it at the right moment! Thank God! I was really worried about it!

      Oh, I posted about the outfits in the comments on Day 3 post!