Friday, January 25, 2013

Disney Magic Vacay- Day 5 Grand Cayman day!

We woke up and watched the sun rise over Grand Cayman. Tried to take a picture...

little blurry, but you get the point.

We went up to Topsider Buffet for breakfast. Emma wanted to eat outside, but there weren't any available tables! No matter, a window seat will do.

After breakfast, we went to our port adventure's meeting place, The Studio Sea. We got our towels, our group stickers, gray Chip & Dale, and headed for the tender boat. We didn't have to wait too long for it to fill up, and we headed for Grand Cayman! Once we got off the tender boat, we walked a little ways to a bus. We, then, took a ride to another boat! This time it was a catamaran! We got a few notes from our Scottish captain and deck hand, then we were free to roam the boat. We went straight for the netting in front.

Emma was pretty excited to be on our way!

So was Clinton!

There were several iguanas hanging out, sunning.
Em got a little scared when a little water splashed her, but we found a spot that didn't get splashed and she was happy again.

Looking for fish in the clear water!

Had to take a family pic!

Just look at the color of the water!!
We had about a 45 minute ride to the beach, but it was really enjoyable. Once we arrived at Rum Point Beach, we staked out some lounge chairs and just relaxed! They had a whole section for Disney guests, but we didn't sit there. Em found her spot right away, and we just kind of stayed there. It was close to everything we needed, so it was perfect.

Em was very proud of herself for going "deep" into the water!

I decided to order a drink (not included), I told the bartender I wanted something "ridiculously touristy". I can't remember the name of it, but it had a lot of alcohol in it. In fact, I had to go back and ask for more juice. Said "Apparently, I'm a light weight!" Ha! Only issue was that I paid with US dollars, and got back Cayman Island dollars (or whatever its called), then didn't end up spending them. No big deal, I have them for Em's scrapbook, but the drink ended up costing me $20. Worth it in the end, for the day we had.

I may or may not have slept for awhile in that chair. When I wasn't in a hammock! Oh, yeah!

Em was very impressed that the menus were attached to real coconuts!
We each had one menu item included in the trip price, so we ordered some lunch. Clinton later ordered some jerk pork dish, but I didn't get a picture.

Fish and chips
Conch Fritters with jerk sauce- Clinton liked, I didn't.
Noticed Em has sand all over her face, didn't get in the way of her fries, though!
 After eating, it was right back to it!

Em's sand castle!
Before it was time to get back on the catamaran, we looked through the little souvenir shop, but didn't see anything we had to have. We saw the barrels in front of the shop and went out for a little tourist shot!  

Then it was time to get back on the boat.

This is it, just hanging out waiting for us.

Em was all smiles back on the boat.

Two minutes later...
 All too soon, we were back at the dock. We rode the bus back to port. Walked back to the tender boat.

Still sleeping. Smh.

 The beautiful Magic, waiting for us. 

There were FIVE cruise ships in port that day. Thankfully, on our excursion there was only one other group! It was great!

A couple more pictures of the beautiful island from our veranda.

Then it was time to get ready for PIRATE NIGHT. Coming up next!


  1. Oh the water!!!! I love water that is aqua colored and clear all at the same time =) The picture of Emma at breakfast is just too cute! I love what you said about your drink! I once went into a bar and asked for something pink & fruity. And It was definately pink and fruity and I have no idea what it was! ha! =) Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!

    1. The water was Ah-mazing! Clinton is wanting to plan a trip just to GC!

      I felt silly about ordering one of those drinks, so I decided to just own up to it! Ha!