Sunday, January 20, 2013

Disney Magic Vacay- Day 3

Before I get started recapping our first day at sea, I just want to say that we worked so hard to stay healthy before our trip! We kept Emma out of school, stayed at home as much as possible, took extra vitamins. Then onboard we washed our hands religiously, used anti-bacterial wipes before eating anything, and we all stayed healthy through-out the trip! We've been home two days, and Emma is sick. Running low grade temps, coughing, snotting, and cried herself to sleep about her ear hurting. Back to the real world, I guess.

Sometime in the night I woke up feeling the boat move, we had set sail at 3 a.m. Thankfully, we didn't experience any seasickness! But I have to admit it was pretty creepy to look out the window and only see water!

A cargo ship right before daylight...

Sleepyhead Emma seeing the sea from our window for the first time!

We had our character breakfast that morning, so we headed to the Parrot Cay (pronounced KEY) restaurant! Emma was a little nervous about the characters at first, but she got over that really quick!

Pluto was really excited to see his own page in Em's autograph book!

Squishy face Emma

Marista made Emma a Minnie bow out of her napkin!

Clinton got a Peter Pan hat!

Big hugs from Dale!

Mickey's handler offered to take the picture, so I jumped in this one!

Goofy was pretty quick! So this is the only shot I got!

Chip was pretty mischievous!

Signed the book on top of Em's head!!

Emma tried to tickle him! Ha! Tickling the characters turned out to be a recurring theme for Em!
After the breakfast, we took Emma to the kids club for Toy Story Boot Camp! I think Clinton and I just wondered around for a little while! We picked Emma up to get changed into her princess dress, the PRINCESS GATHERING was next! Thankfully we got in line when we did, because the line for this was LONG! We only had about 20 people in front of us, but it could have been about 200!

I wish I could have heard what all she told them!

This is one of my favorite moments of the cruise!

Emma twirling with Snow White. *Tear*

She squeezed them all so tight!

I can't remember what we did for lunch that day. I'm pretty sure Emma ate in the kids club, she was already hooked! Clinton went to see The Avengers in the movie theater, while I relaxed in the room.

I went to pick Emma up to do a cooking class, but they were in the middle of "Do-Si-Do with Snow White". She wasn't about to leave that! I snuck a couple of pictures!

We tried to go to the "Ratatouille Cooking School", but it was way crowded, so we left. We went to the shops to spend Emma's gift cards. She bought herself a Princess Jasmine costume. Like she needed another one! Ha! We ran into Pluto outside the shop!

Another big hug!

The Cast members told us that Daisy would be out next, so we waited around for about 10 minutes, and voila!

She was wearing her fancy dress for Formal night!

We went back the room then to get in our formal dresses and head for dinner at Parrot Cay.

My app- some kind of squash and cheese.. didn't really like it!

Clinton's app- crab and cheese dip with pita chips. He cleaned his plate!

My entree- Grouper, I think, with grilled shrimp and saffron rice. Just ok.

Clinton's entree- ribeye, potato, and corn. Can't go wrong there.

Emma's dessert- strawberry shortcake! Love the chocolate Mickey!

Clinton's dessert- Creme brulee cheesecake.

My dessert- Pina Colada bread pudding, a No Sugar Added Dessert. Delicious!
Right before our desserts came, a photographer came by to get picture of families in their formal dress. Emma chose THAT moment to melt down. So we didn't get a picture of us all dressed up! Clinton was very upset! Anyway, I took her back to the room, and Clinton brought my dessert, so I ate it in the room! Emma was devastated at the thought of missing the show, so she straightened up pretty fast!

The show that night was Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story. It was really good, it was all about what had happened if Cinderella hadn't tried on the glass slipper. Of course, everything turned out with a fairy tale ending!

On the way out of the theater, we ran into Donald in his tux!

Another big hug!

We got all of the Fab Five autographs in one day!

Then it was off to bed after a day full of characters and fun!


  1. OOhhhh it looks like sooooo much fun!!! I love all the pictures, it makes me totally miss Disney! I think looking out the cruise ship window and *only* seeing water would freak me out just a bit. I have never been on a cruise, but want to go really bad...but it also kinda scares me a tad! haha Can't wait to see what else you guys did for fun! And all the food pictures makes me hungry! haha =)

  2. Looks like so much fun. I haven't been on a cruise before either (I may have said that 100 times already) but Disney makes it look AWESOME!!

    I'm with Johannah, the food looks divine! You must do a post about where you got Emma's outfits! PLEASE!!!

    1. the sailor dress is from Adalaide's Boutique

      The Minnie outfit is a custom design from Bella Grace Creations!
      They are also on FB!

      The sailor and Minnie necklaces are from ZadeeJane Boutique on FB!

      The fancy red Minnie dress was a deluxe costume from Disney store that I got on CLEARANCE! Woot woot!

      Any other outfit you are talking about?

    2. Thank you!
      That's got it!! Emma's birthday outfits have been from Bella Grace!

  3. I'm loving the food pictures because I love to take them myself! ;) It sounds like there are activities for parents and kids and you can split up as you wish? So you dropped Emma off, sent Clinton to a movie and went to the room for a glass of wine? That sounds amazing!!