Saturday, January 26, 2013

Disney Magic Vacay- Day 5 Pirates Ahoy!

After getting cleaned up from the day at the beach, we got dressed in our pirates attire, which consisted of a full costume for Em, a bandana for me, and nothing for Clinton. Spoil sport.

We went down to the atrium right in time to get a picture with Pirate Mickey!

We checked the Navigator and noticed it was almost time for all the pirate characters to come out, so we hung around! We basically went up and down the stairs and didn't have to wait in line for any of them! Perfect timing! 

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee!

A few pirate poses in between...


I missed the picture, but Minnie and Emma twirled before they took this picture. So sweet!

Peter Pan!

And another pose!
 Em was a little scared to see Captain Jack. But I wasn't going to miss MY favorite, so I insisted! Once he told her how great her pirate costume was, she was all smiles.

He told her she was "Cap'n Emma" because she had a captain hat on!

Stitch stole Emma's hat, and she cackled!

Next up was the Pirate dinner at Animator's Palate. I had heard bad reviews about this menu, but I ended up really liking it!

My app- pot stickers. Delicious.

Clinton's app- crab cake. He really like it. Apparently, he had already had a bite before this picture! Ha! 

Nesha made Em another ketchup Mickey (I had missed the other night's!)

My entree- braised shortribs. Didn't care much for potatoes underneath, but the meat was great!

Clinton's entree- steak of some sort. He said it as very good.

My dessert- floating islands with tropical fruit. I really liked the sauce and fruit, but the meringues were too sweet for me.

Clinton's dessert- I think was cheesecake.
I think Em had Minnie's Mini burger that night, I apparently slacked on taking pictures of her meals! She didn't have dessert, because she insisted on going to the kids club as soon as possible. So I ran her up before my entree came!

We went back to the room for a bit after supper and we had a silly little monkey waiting for us.

Clinton and I went up and watched the pre-party festivities on the top deck. Also, we wanted to stake out a good spot!

Clinton went down to drag Em out of the kids club before the pirate party. She literally hated to leave every time, and if we didn't have something better to go to, it was a fight! She did come out for the party, though!

I thought it was going to be more of a show, but it was more like a dance party. We weren't in a good spot to dance, so we just watched. 

Someone was beginning to feel the effects of a very full day...

then Mickey, came out of nowhere to save the day from the pirates!

Flying overhead!

Perked her up a bit.

Then fireworks over the water! Amazing! Though I couldn't get a good picture.

Mickey banished the pesky pirates, and the party continued.
We went right down to bed, we were exhausted!


  1. This pirate show looks like it was sooo fun! I love Emma's pirate outfit! And of course your meals look absolutely DELISH! And I love how they made mickey out of ketchup! Very clever =) Can't wait to see more!

  2. Those pictures are seriously so darling! Love her outfit! We went to Disneyland last month, so fun.

  3. Looks fun as always! I pretty much read all about it to Justin!! We need to start saving!!! LOL!

    1. We should have a "blogger" Disney cruise! Wouldn't that be fun, 3 Emma's together =) haha