Friday, February 8, 2013

Disney Magic Vacay- Day 7

Sorry it's taken me so long to post this! I've been in a serious funk lately, but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! 

This was our last sea day and our last day on the ship! We would be debarking in the morning. We decided to spend the day with Emma as much as possible.

We must have went to the buffet for breakfast, but I don't really remember! We went to the Open House in the kids club. The Open Houses were the only times when they allowed adults in the club. We hadn't attended any other open houses, so we were excited to see what all she had been doing in there!

Emma had to show us the computer games!
 We had timed it just right to stay for Mouseketeer Training with Mickey!

For some reason, I felt a little seasick that morning, so I spent some of my time in the club sitting and watching the fun! After sitting a little while, I felt better!

We headed to the atrium for the Character Dance Party!

Em and Clinton went up and got ice cream while I waited!
There was a lot of people there! I question the decision to have it in the atrium.
Confetti showers! Em loved the confetti!

Em dancing with Goofy!

Get it gurrrl!

Yes, I danced too. That's me in the turquoise.

Dancing with Mickey!

After the party, we headed to Parrot Key for the seafood buffet. I was a little disappointed in the selection, but I still wasn't feeling 100% so it was ok! Clinton ate plenty of crab legs for the both of us!

The waiter made Em a napkin hat. Not sure what it was exactly, but it was cute!
 Em loved the make your own crepe station!

I think it had marshmallows and chocolate!
Em was ready to go to the kids club, so I took her back to change while Clinton finished up. After dropping her at the club, I met up with him and we went to do some Movie Quote Trivia! I love Trivia! We didn't win, but we had a pretty high score! Em was staying in the club because they were getting ready for the Friendship Rocks show, so we decided to go on a tour of the ship! The tour was called the "Art of the Theme Show" tour, and was all about the decor and art of the beautiful ship! We didn't get to stay for the whole thing because we wanted to get the theater to get a good seat to see our girl in the show!

There are a lot of pictures of this, but it's not everyday my little girl gets to dance on stage with Mickey & Minnie!

There she is behind the girl in the Minnie dress! She doesn't look happy to be in the 2nd row!
Clinton said "I bet she moves to the front!"
Sure enough, she made her move! See her now?


Watching a slide show of the activities. She was in quite a few pictures!

Getting down!

She looked so little on that big stage!

My sweet girl!
 We went to the room to get ready for dinner, then headed to Lumiere's for our last dinner!

My app- crab stuffed tomato. I only ate the crab part, ha!

My entree- beef wellington. Good, but the crust was a little soggy.

Clinton's app- I have no idea what it was, ha! Look good though!

Clinton's entree- again, don't know what it was!
We, also, ordered a soup on this night, don't know why there is no picture. But it was awful! No one at our table liked it. It was the only thing we ate on the ship that was absolutely terrible.

Emma had one last Mickey bar!

Every night, Emma's cup had her name and a Mickey on it! Cute!

That night the show was a parade of the flags of all the Cast Member's flags!

My dessert- baked Alaska. Delicious!

Mine too, I can't remember the name, but it was amazing!

Clinton had a chocolate duo, he said it was really good!
That night's show in the theater was "Remember the Magic". It was cute, but not as good as the others. It was basically reintroducing all the characters from the previous shows! Clinton got so upset because some ladies behind us didn't stop talking through the whole thing! Rude!

We went to the atrium for "Til We Meet Again" to watch all the characters come out.

They basically just came out and waved then did last minute pictures and autographs for those who didn't get them before. We had already gotten everyone so we didn't have to stay! Em wanted to go back to the club, so we dropped her off and went to the room to pack!

We had a bunny this time!

After packing, we went to do one last event. Another trivia show called Pop!, a pop trivia game. It was really fun! And our team won, of course! We finally picked up Em one last time and headed to bed!

The next morning we had breakfast in Lumiere's to say goodbye to our tablemates and servers.

We had to take a picture with the servers, Nesha and Marista!

Emma wouldn't look because she was tired, it was early!
Debarking was painless, but sad! We walked right off the boat, no waiting. Had a short line for Customs, and walked right up to the shuttle. Before long, we were in our car and headed home. Tired, but happy! It really was the best vacation we've ever been on!


  1. Your vacation looks like it was amazing! All your pictures are great! I definately want to do a Disney Cruise now =)

  2. Thanks for sharing so many details. It looked like so much fun!! I'm pretty sure we will do a cruise one day soon!!!

    1. I don't think you'd regret it! Your Emma would have a ball!