Thursday, January 19, 2012

Organizing Em's Room

Well, the crud that is going around is taking no prisoners. Em and I stayed home from MDO/ work today because she is running fever. However, with her down for the count, camped out on the couch watching cartoons, I got some work done and managed to organize a little this afternoon!

I had a couple plastic buckets (tubs, totes, whatever you call them) at Hobby Lobby. I didn't really know what I would put in them when I bought them, but like an epiphany, it hit me today!

Em's dress up stuff!

It was all crammed into two drawers in Em's cabinet, but of course, I forgot to take a before picture. After separating it all, I stored them in her closet. There, it will be easy for her to get to and play!

Dress up clothes in the blue, accessories & high heels in the pink. Obviously something needs to be done about the shoes in that basket, though!

Em did manage to perk up when I got my camera out, little heifer. (Fever is down, thank goodness!) She came a running, and said "Take a picture of me right here, Mommy!"

With that stuff out of the drawers, I separated Em's hats and purses into two drawers. They were all stuffed into one drawer and it wouldn't even open! Now, they each have their own home, and I have an empty drawer, just waiting for something to be stored there!

Since I was taking picture of organizing, I went ahead and took some pictures of the DVD/ toy organizing I did when we redid Em's room.

Again, with the camera hogging!
I do have a little problem in Em's room that I can't come up with any good solutions for..

What is the best way to organize this mess? Puzzles, blocks, etc..

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  1. I just cleaned out Emily's closet and dresser today!!! It was getting out of hand! Finally got Coby's tame! Wait till there are 2 or more kids rooms to organize!