Friday, January 13, 2012

More Organizing Projects

This week I've completed two more (small) organizing projects on my quest for an organized household.

First, I placed a wire basket on the bar in my kitchen to be our "dumping ground". I hate having the mail scattered from place to place, and never knowing where receipts are, etc.

Now, the mail and receipts can be put here until I've had a chance to deal with it. 

The second project I completed this week was done out of necessity (not only organizing purposes). Our fridge had a SMELL. Clinton and I had both been through it, and had thrown away everything we thought could be causing the SMELL, put new boxes of baking soda in, and still, it remained. I assumed the only thing that would work would be to take everything out, clean, and put things back. So I did. (Em helped...if you can believe that! HA!)

I threw out everything that I thought COULD be causing the SMELL. Including things that were probably still good, and things that WERE still good (a pkg of summer sausage that Clinton had just opened that day.... he should have told me, or better yet, helped me!) BTW, the food in those containers was from that day, so I knew they weren't the culprit!

Then Em and I sprayed it down with Lysol cleaner and wiped it out. (*Disclaimer- it really wasn't TOO bad. Don't go thinking it looked like a hoarder's fridge!)

Then I put things back in an organized fashion-
Drinks, Dairy Products, Fruit, Leftovers, Veggie Drawer, Deli Drawer
In the door- butter, cooking things, salad things, condiments, misc.

Despite almost the whole bottle of cleaner being sprayed into it (Em loves to spray!), the smell is STILL there! What the heck!

What should I do now? Anyone have any tips or tricks?


  1. I love that basket? Where did you find that? I'm trying to find a basket for my cookbooks. No luck so far :(