Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome Summer!

While its been in the 90's for weeks here in NE Texas, this week is the first to really feel like summer to me. I think its because we've been on the go so much lately, and now we are home for a while and settled into our "summer" routine.

So here's to summer! Here's to our week... This is a long post! Sorry! And. You're welcome!

For some reason, I've gotten into the cooking mood (now that its so hot...makes sense, huh!)

This wasn't my cooking, it was Clinton's, but I sure ate it!
 We used those chickens to make meals the rest of the week (and froze some, too!)

Em helped me make cornbread!

Then crunched it up to make chicken and dressing. Yes! In June! A craving is a craving!
 And today, we made the best of the best!

Homemade ICE CREAM!
It's in the freezer as we speak (as I type?), and Em is SO ready to dive in! But I'm making her wait until after supper... I'm a sadist.

But we've gotten out of the house some this week, too!

We went to a party for Em's t-ball team at Regan & Coach Mike's house!

My Livi Lou! Love her!
Those are the only two pictures I took! Sometimes, I get tired of lugging around that dang camera!

The movie theater has started their Summer Movie club, so we have pledged to go every week! Week 1 was Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. I thought it was cute, but Em thought it was a little scary. I got to hold two cute, little girls' hands during the scary parts...

Payton & Em
That night I had Girl's Night Out! Woo-Hoo!

See how cleverly I am hiding! (Our waitress was not a great photographer :/)
We went out to celebrate Regan & Tiffany's birthday! But truthfully, we don't need a reason! Love these girls so much! I really don't think I'd be sane without them! Tiffany is moving away in a month :(. I'm seriously debating on kidnapping her and her girls, locking them in my closet, and keeping them forever! ;)

I had to go to work on Thursday. My slave-driver boss (just kidding! He's seriously like the best boss ever!) asked me to help organize some boxes of documents...

This a PART of truck #1, there were two more coming when I left! It was hard work, but it was a nice change of pace and I DO love organizing. (Time to pick my house projects back up!) I did have to give Mike a hard time about making me do MANUAL LABOR (gasp!), though!

Em had her last t-ball game that night! But more about that later! ;)

Today, we did a little shopping on the square and HAD to check out the fountain!

Doesn't she look so big here?!?

Throwing a penny, making a wish!
At the shoe store, she HAD to try on these "high heels"

Oh, my silly, girly girl!
The end! Be back tomorrow to write about the end of the t-ball season!

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