Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blog Commenting Challenge- Day 3

Day 3 of the challenge from Jenna's Journey! Today's topic is to tell about my social media and favorite websites!

I have a Twitter account, but it is usually neglected unless I'm entering a giveaway! ;) I Facebook for personal use. And I'm on there entirely too much. It's become a knee jerk reaction. Have 30 seconds where my mind isn't occupied? Fire up Facebook! Who cares if I just looked at it 2 minutes ago? Maybe someone posted something NEW that I haven't seen yet! That sounds oddly obsessive, doesn't it. 

I ADORE Pinterest! I have gotten so many good ideas! AND I've even done some of them! I'm so proud of that fact, I've blogged about some of them!

A Pinteresting Learning Time

Happy Father's Day

A Pinteresting Meal- Trying out new recipes!

A House Divided- A Recipe Post

I Found it on Pinterest!

Please follow me on Pinterest! Here is my page! Sorry in advance for pinning so much! :)

As for favorite websites, I've already mentioned that I stalk Facebook and Pinterest daily. But I check The Pioneer Woman, This Week for Dinner, and Yahoo! (for the important news) regularly! I, also, read the blogs on my blog roll regularly (if not daily)!  Wow! It really sounds like I spend a LOT of time on the internet.



    Thank you for fixing your comments finally, now I am able to write things on here that are embarrassing if I need to whip you in shape.

    And just remember, I still have one more bumper sticker.

  2. Ha! I don't know how I FIXED them... i.e. I didn't do anything. ;)

  3. I am a pinterest lover too! How could you not be? ;)
    Emma is adorable! You have a beautiful family

    I am your newest follower :)

  4. Stopping by from Jenna's. Your daughter is presh!!!