Thursday, June 21, 2012


What's better than a blankie?

A free blankie!

My friend Tiffany hosted a giveaway on her blog for a free blanket from 585 Boutique last week. And I won! Yay! And the blanket came today!

Look at this cute fabric.

And the edges are crocheted in a matching color!
It's big enough for Em to wrap up in and really cozy! Em has a great love for "covers" (she doesn't actually call it a blankie, its her "covers"). She is wrapped up in it right now!

Snuggled it right up, but played possum for the camera!
These blankets are really affordable and come in lots of cute fabrics! Would make a fantastic baby shower gift, or birthday gift for a blankie (covers!) lover! Go on over and take a look! 

Thanks Tiff and Sarah of 585 Boutique! We love it!

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