Sunday, June 17, 2012

For the Little Ones- Busy Saturday!

Saturday was a busy day for me & Em and it all started with Ryder's 1st Birthday party! I've written about Baby Ryder on here before! Sweet baby girl has had a rough first year...


But she has got it kicked now! Just look at this face!

Rory, Ryder's big sister, showed off her high heels for me!

Em showed off something at the party, too...

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Ryder! We are going to miss you and your family when you move!

Saturday afternoon was spent at a benefit for Carter Townes, a cute, cute little boy who has leukemia. My church put together a great benefit for him and his family! Despite lots of rain, the community came out and really pitched in!

Of course, Em wasn't concerned with raising money, she just wanted to have fun!

Em and her cousins, Alex & Maylee.

Fishing for candy!

Playing in puddles.

Carter is in the red war paint. Looks like they are having a serious conversation!

And of course, getting painted.

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