Friday, June 15, 2012

Pools, Movies, Bibles, & Elmer's Glue

I'm thinking of making this a weekly thing. Just a easy week wrap-up post of pictures. But knowing me like I do, I'll never keep it up. Well, here's to good intentions.

These are all phone pics, and I am awesome at taking blurring phone pics! You're welcome.

Clinton got Em's pool put up this week!

And we've been to 2 movies! I took her to see Madagascar 3 on Monday night, and we went back to the Summer movie club to watch Happy Feet 2 on Wednesday!

Em and Paytie insist on sitting by each other each time!

Someone needs to give me lessons on taking pictures in the movie theater!

What's that thing next to Em, you ask? My cheaper version of the kids meal! I was talking with my friend, Misty, about how much snacks cost us at the movies (she has 3 kids!) and she came up with this idea! Use a shower caddy, by one large popcorn and share. Sssh! We snuck in Em's drink and some cheap candy from Wal-Mart! (I mean COME ON! Box of candy is 98 cents at Wal-Mart and the same box at the theater is $4.00!!! Crazy!)

Some people may laugh at us... ahem, Tiffany, but it's worked out really well so far!

Speaking of Tiffany, she dragged me invited me to come to a Bible study at her church on Wednesday night! Just kidding about the dragged part! It's called Wisdom for Mothers, and let me tell you it's come none too soon! I am about at my breaking point with these power struggles over pottying and behaving. I'm hoping to find some answers in this study. Or some peace. Or some peaceful answers. Or anything really.

After the first night, a group of us went to Shoguns for an impromptu girls night! We had an unusually deep convo for girls night, but it was fun anyway. And Clinton was more than happy to babysit. Especially when he saw what my fortune was...

Ha! Dream on! Funny thing is, Tiff, got the same fortune!! And I do believe neither one came true!

This week hasn't been ALL fun and games! Em did do some work!

She is becoming a master at gluing! She loves it! Practically used every page in the book!

Ok, I'm done now! Check back later for Em's Father's Day crafting!

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  1. That's a really great idea about the shower caddy at the movies. I'm sure someone on Pinterest will like it too!