Friday, June 22, 2012

Look at me go!

Here's my weekly wrap post! Three weeks in a row! Week 1 and week 2 in case you can't believe it!

It's bad that I think following through with something for three weeks is an accomplishment, ain't it?

We started the week off right by going to our favorite church!

Nakota & Emma

Nakota, Kinsley, & Emma with their "be quiet" lollipops!
I have no pictures for Monday & Tuesday because I didn't have Emma! I vaguely referenced my frustrations with potty training and Em's behavior in Week 2's post. I've seriously been at the end of my rope. So... I sent her to boot camp. Yup, that's what I said. Boot camp. At my sister's house.

My nephews are always being praised for being so well behaved! Not to say that they are always good, but they know how to act MOST of the time! My sister is very adamant that they do, or there is consequences and they know it! So I thought I'd give her a try in making Em behave. Aunt TT's Boot Camp was born. Really, she just kept Em for me a few days so I could have a BREAK! But while she was there, might as well try....right?

It didn't work. Em minded, listened, and didn't throw any fits like she tends to do here. So there wasn't any Aunt TT discipline to dole out. Dang it! Trishia did work with her on pottying, though. And we've made some progress. Still have a LONG road. We have passed the "learn how to" stage and are in the big ol' power struggle stage where she flat out refuses to poop on the potty 99% of the time. I'm going to lose my mind before this is over.

Anyway, I picked her up Wednesday and we went visiting in Cuthand.

Playing the iPad with Papaw

and eating tomatoes from his garden!
And to end the week.... I got a new car today!

Its a Toyota Camry!
I had mixed feelings about going from SUV to car, but you can't beat 35 mpg! And thank you, God, Em was good at the dealership! We had a smart salesman, who has a little girl, that let Em play with his Kindle Fire. You can't beat technology for keeping kids quiet and still!

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