Sunday, December 25, 2011


First things first, we had to leave milk and cookies for Santa! (Em and I made these, but I forgot to post about that! :/ Maybe next week...ha!)

Em actually fell asleep on the way home from Bogata, so Clinton and I had to put out the cookies for her, but she made sure to check the plate this morning!

She said, "He didn't finish his cookies, Mommy!" Uh oh! Santa will have to make sure that doesn't happen again next year!

Then it was time to see what Santa had left for her!!

Sorry about the glare, but look at all those art supplies!

The Belle Doll Em has been asking for!!
*NOTE- I have more pictures of reactions and what not, but for some reason, Blogger isn't letting me upload them right now! I'm getting impatient, and I have to get ready for the next big family get together, so I'll post them later! Have a Merry Christmas!!

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