Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Deeds Abound

Em and I have been RACKing people... mostly the Salvation Army bell ringers! Whenever I ask Em if she wants to give out a candy cane, she usually says "Yes, to the man ringing the bell!" Ha! This morning, the man even let HER ring the bell! She was in Hog Heaven!

My friends and I were talking about doing the good deeds, and that led us the conversation about Angel Trees. We decided to take all the kids to Wal-Mart and let them pick angels!

We met this morning, and got 2 angels! The kids helped us pick out clothes and toys, but mostly they were interested in playing with each other or the respective Mommy's phone. :/

I had intended to take pictures of the whole process, but as usual, I forgot my camera. So I grabbed a quick picture with my phone at McDonald's afterwards!

Payton, Livi, Colt, Hayden, Emma, and The Hamburglar.
Em and Hayden were fighting over who was going to hold the angel ornament.... not even good deeds can make 3 year-olds behave!

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