Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Festivities

I have to say that Christmas Eve has always been my favorite.

Maybe it's because we've always done all the gifts at my parents on Christmas Eve. I don't know.

But now, its super fun to wait for Santa to come for Emma!

We started the day with a big get together at my Memaw and Papa's house for lunch! Here are a few highlights!

The 3 oldest great-granddaughters, Maylee, Emma, & Alex!

Playing catch the bear with Alexa...

until Alexa ran off with it! :)

Nakota and Memaw

Emma loves her toys!
We went to my mom and dad's afterwards for more presents and more food!!

She was so excited by her LeapPad!

Jalyn was excited too!

Andrea, Mom, & Trishia

Uh-oh! Boxing gloves for Kam!

Now, that's a happy face!

Wouldn't be Christmas without a box of socks!

Alex helped Emma!

Look at my Barbie!

Kirk checking out his giftcard!

Geaux Tigers!!

Rock & Roll Princess!

My Daddy!

And my brother, Jason!
After all those festivities, we had another stop! We went to the Alford's for a Christmas Eve party! I didn't remember to take any pictures this year... I'm blaming it on Terri, who started pouring wine when I walked in the door... ;)

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