Sunday, December 25, 2011

And it's over...

Christmas, that is! I'm happy, full, and exhausted. Em is in the bed (at 8:30 pm!! That's unheard of!!) I still have a mountain of presents to sort through and put away... think I'm exaggerating?

Take a gander at this!!

But before I either tackle that OR crash (my first choice!), I want to post the pictures I didn't get posted earlier today AND the ones from Mamou & Grandad's house!

Continued from SANTA! SANTA! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Em got a little nervous this morning about checking out what Santa brought, so her Daddy had to bring her in

It didn't take long for excitement to set in, though

Nana & Papaw made a surprise visit to see what all Santa had brought! On their way in, Papaw noticed that Santa had left something OUTSIDE!


Emma was NOT thrilled with this gift from Santa... and refused to jump... :( Oh well, maybe one day!

Then it was time for Christmas morning breakfast! I asked Em to get the raspberries out of the fridge, and she helped herself to some...

Clinton and I had homemade beignets! So delicious!

And that concludes our Christmas MORNING festivities. I will post the rest of the day in another post! :)

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